Nicholas Scott, Ph.D.

mobilities, environments, social movements, cities

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I moved to Vancouver BC from Windsor ON


I’m still living out of a suitcase, but I’m really stoked to be living in Vancouver (in Chinatown) and working at Simon Fraser University (up in Burnaby).

My journey to work is a 15km bike ride uphill. My commute in Windsor was challenging, too: 5km west along Wyandotte Street in Windsor, where I mingled daily with tractor trailers hauling thousands of Chrysler minivans to Michigan, and was struck hard by a car this past March, a week before my interview at SFU!

In my imagination, Vancouver was a cycling Valhalla, a west coast oddity where utility cyclists don’t get milkshakes thrown at them by motorists, and enlightened Mayor Gregor Robertson was bringing sustainable and physically active mobilities to the Canadian masses. The reality is a lot different. While Vancouver is making giant strides towards becoming Canada’s Copenhagen, everyday cycling is still marginalized – and deeply political.

I think I’m in the right place.