A little bit on Nicholas

I’m based on Canada’s west coast (Vancouver, British Columbia), at Simon Fraser University, as an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.

I’m from Canada’s east coast (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia). I completed my undergraduate degree in sociology and political science at Dalhousie University, playing soccer for University of King’s College. I earned my graduate degrees at Carleton University in Ottawa, the muggy capital of Canada.

After my PhD, I taught at the University of Ottawa. Then, I went down the train tracks to teach and conduct my research at the University of Windsor, just south of Detroit. For almost eight years, I’ve been rolling around Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Gulf Islands.

1980s: Mom helps me launch off in Dartmouth
1980s: Mom helps me launch off in Dartmouth                                                                                     


Mars: born in some sketchy woodlands of Dartmouth during a pandemic, trots his way through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax like he owns the place
Mars requires positive mobility rights, according to interspecies mobility justice (which also suggests restraints, so he doesn’t murder all the birds like a killing machine!)