My research has three tracks: methodologies, mobilities, and environments––especially urban and more-than-human ones.


I’m interested in advancing research methodologies, such as feminist regression analysis and mobile video ethnography. In a 2017 article in the International Journal of Social Research Methodology I co-authored with my PhD supervisor, Dr. Janet Siltanen, we explore how regression analysis can advance feminist approaches to intersectionality. We see great potential for multilevel modeling, because of its capacity to measure the impacts of neighbourhoods, cities and other contexts on individuals, from their domestic labour and political protest to their everyday cycling.

Early sketch of the cross-level interaction discussed in the article above

On the qualitative side, I’m investigating how to enhance social research methodology for today’s ecological challenges. My forthcoming article in the International Journal of Social Research Methodology, “Calibrating the go-along for the Anthropocene,” challenges conventional wisdom surrounding ‘go-along’ research methods in order to improve their sensitivity to the natural world and contemporary environmental crises. This article builds on a forthcoming book chapter I co-authored with Dr. Phillip Vannini on mobile urban ethnography in The Routledge Handbook of Urban Mobilities.



The main substantive arc of my research program focuses on mobilities––movement made meaningful in the context of more-than-human society and inequality. My forthcoming book on cycling captures how I’ve traced this arc over the last half decade.

My chapter in The Routledge Handbook of Henri Lefebvre, the City and Urban Society (forthcoming) called “Ecologizing Lefebvre,” elaborates how cycling, in a more sustainable manner than driving motor vehicles, produces nature.


Environments: Urban & More-than-Human

Finally, as you might have already extrapolated, I am deeply invested in sociological research on the environmental emergencies facing, and making life very difficult for, Sapiens, including urban sprawl, climate change, biodiversity loss and habitat degradation. Along this track, I am preparing publications that examine interspecies mobility justice, contemporary movements against environmentalism and further work on cycling and the production of nature.

Protest on Burnaby Mountain, 2014