A little about me

Currently, I’m living on the west coast in Vancouver, and working up on Burnaby Mountain at Simon Fraser University as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology (yes, the same mountain Kinder Morgan and Justin Trudeau want to drill through for expanding heavy oil flows from Alberta.. hooray…).

But I grew up on the east coast in Dartmouth and Halifax, Nova Scotia. That’s where I did my undergrad, in sociology (and political science) at Dalhousie (playing soccer for King’s). I went to graduate school at Carleton University in Ottawa, both MA and PhD (I know, you’re not supposed to do that, but for these degrees I worked with a supervisor who remains one of the sharpest, most empathetic professors I’ve ever met).

Before Vancouver, I was a sessional for a year at the University of Ottawa, and then on limited term contract for a year at the University of Windsor. The Motor City, including Detroit (north of Windsor, as it happens), had a major impact on me and how I think about the possibilities for good cities.

Learning to ride in the late 1980s

Recently (for my midlife crisis?) I purchased a luxurious, German-engineered e-bike which is currently challenging a lot of my cycling habits and embodied expectations on the road up to Burnaby.

(Photo header: making a speech in August 2018 at my little sister’s wedding in Halifax, my two brothers behind me. Photo right: becoming ‘two-wheeled’ in Dartmouth.)